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Welcome to My Rockwood Record and Rockwood Clinic!

We are excited to announce that we will be changing our patient portal, to My Chart, throughout March of 2018!  You will hear more details about how to sign up for the new portal at your upcoming visits after March.

Please note that we will be making necessary changes to our existing portal in order to not miss any important communication to your provider and patient care team.

As of February 16, 2018 we will be turning off the messaging feature in the My Rockwood Record portal.  All communication with your care team should be completed via phone until you are able to set-up and communicate to them through My Chart. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause.
Thank you for your patience as we move to create a better integrated care experience for you


Rockwood is the region’s largest group of primary and multi-specialty health services providing truly seamless care and an exceptional patient experience.



Immunization information is only available from August 2014 till present. Please contact our HIM department for a complete Immunization record at 342-3955.  We are working with the vendor to rectify.